5 Reasons To Buy A House In Ghana in 2020

Once you’ve made up your mind to buy a house, you don’t need any more convincing. But today, we would like to convince you of one thing and one thing only! Now is the right time to buy a house in Ghana. And we are going to give you five big reasons to do so.

A Growing Economy

Ghana’s GDP has been at 6.6 percent in the first quarter of 2017. This is a promising African nation and continues to point towards a stable economy amongst a host of developing countries. It has even been called one of Africa’s best-run countries. Exciting times lie ahead for sure and it would only make sense to invest in it now, to gain in the long run.

Foreign Investment

The steadiness shown by the Ghanian government is attracting foreign investment from Abu Dhabi to Russia. The investors can clearly see the opportunities in all sectors from real estate to manufacturing and from banking to education. Other contributors include Non-resident Ghanaians who have made fortunes abroad and now would like to invest back into their motherland either by way of boosting infrastructure or by buying homes as future investments.

Paradise Estate East Legon Hills luxury villas house in ghana

Boom in Real-Estate

With more money coming into real estate, builders are taking up projects to cater to Ghana’s growing demand. Housing complexes that cater to different kinds of budgets are being developed all around Ghana. The real-estate rates in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and other important centres in South Ghana are also steadily climbing up. Areas in Accra like Airport Residential Area, East Legon and Spintex are among the top choices to invest in as a builder and buyer. These may be expensive areas in terms of average prices around Accra, however, as the middle-class will tend to have a higher disposable income, the demand for such properties and good quality housing will only shoot up.

New Developers, More Choice

Homebuyers are more discerning and educated than they have ever been, so developers will have to anticipate their requirements and build their projects accordingly. This is only good news for the customers, as more real-estate developers will enter the market with better propositions and more thoughtful layouts such as Paradise Estate at East Legon Hills or Solaris Luxury Apartments at Ringway Estate, Osu. In fact, builders know the three main groups of homebuyers include low income, middle income, and top-end high net worth groups. They are constantly trying to cater to all of these groups with customised projects.

Housing Complexes

Housing complexes are a great option for potential homebuyers because it takes away a lot of the pain-points of buying an individual plot and developing it. Property developers know this and thus make very simple turnkey projects for a customer to buy into. Developers like Swami India Ghana Ltd., understand that it’s exhausting for a layman to verify the land ownership legalities, security checks, quality control for every aspect of homebuilding. Taking care of all these nitty-gritties and still have the customer be part of the home-building project gives the customer freedom to prioritise deciding on things related to the home and not on getting the best plumbing, for instance. Giving a good infrastructure for the home to develop on, is something the builder has already worked on with the best of teams, so the end customer can just focus on what’s important – making a beautiful home for themselves and their loved ones.

Interested in investing in a fantastic future in Ghana, have a look at Paradise Estate, Accra and see for yourself.

15 Nov 2017