Buying a home in Ghana? A few things you need to know

Buying a home is a nerve-wracking process. Not only is it a serious dent into your finances, but it is also more often than not a long-term investment. Going wrong with the choice can lead to major heartache and regret. However, we are here to help you in your journey. There are just a few things you have to keep in mind before you move into your beautiful new home.


If you spend hours researching the next phone you need to buy, then it’s wiser to spend even more time researching the next house you want to purchase. Let it be an informed decision and not one that you are coerced into by family or friends. In fact, more than 90% of buyers first view homes on the Internet, mobile apps and newspaper classifieds. After shortlisting, they search for around three months by visiting an average of 12 homes. In this research phase, it is also important to find a credible real-estate agent who will help you through the process. This is also a good time to understand what are you looking for in a home. Viewing different kinds of homes will further narrow down on what you “definitely do not want” and what you want from a home.

Understand the nuances

When you invest in property (home or land) there are certain things you need to be cognizant of. For instance, there are different kinds of land ownership in Ghana, some of which cannot be bought. You would need to know who exactly to approach or what protocol to follow in order to procure the land, which could be Government, Vested, Customary/Stool or Private. That’s why it is important to appoint a real-estate agent and a lawyer for the process. Usually, these services costs the buyer anywhere between 3.25% and 11% of the total transaction cost. Of course, one can avoid some of these costs if they are planning to buy directly from a builder or property developer.


home in Ghana


Pre-approval of Mortgage

This may not be a priority when you’re looking for a home, but getting a pre-approval will help you during your search. Firstly, you will be looked at as a serious buyer whenever you approach a new seller. Secondly, you would have also figured out your budgetary constraints and limitations after completing your paperwork with the lender. Lastly, when you do select a home, there will be no surprises on the financial front from the lender.

Choose your new home

Having understood the amount of research required, the legalities involved and your own objectives and limitations, set forth confidently on the journey of purchasing your new home. Once you like something that checks all the boxes, make the offer, negotiate and finally when the seller agrees, purchase your new home. It’s an exhaustive process but worth all the time and energy you spend.

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07 Nov 2017