Is Cash King When it Comes to Real Estate Transactions?

There will always be a whole lot of opinions on whether to go with cash or through the bank for a big transaction like real estate. While the process is long, purchasing the property of your dreams by getting a mortgage, there are a lot of advantages. The fact that you could secure a loan through the bank indicates financial stability and credibility. The buyer is less burdened with the big expense and the seller may feel a bit relieved knowing that the bank has done its due diligence. Yet, cash may still be king for such a transaction and we are going to give you few reasons for it.


Cash spells immediate availability of funds for the buyer and seller. There is no waiting for any approvals from authorities nor is there any need to check whether the funds will be available or not. Everything is right there as one can see the funds in a tangible way. What would have taken months to process gets reduced to days.


When it comes to the future one can never be too sure. A loan may default, the buyer may run away or under other circumstances the seller may not be able to recover all the money he’s owed. Cash cuts through all this. Since the money is right there, he or she does not have to worry about the future. Cash can straight away be used to advance the seller’s financial situation in the sense of investment or to alleviate any burden they might be facing. Not many say no to cash.

real estate transactions


A loan always invites interest. Payment through a direct and one time transaction that all out cash offers,reduces your overall expenditure over the long term. This results to significant savings that may not seem so obvious but will take a lot more out of your pocket than you can imagine.


Mortgages or loans always mean scrutiny of your past dealings. Cash helps negate that, as nobody will then be interested in your credit history. It may happen that in the past you may have run into some kind of unavoidable financial trouble, which may reflect badly in your bank statements. Cash ensures that nobody starts doubting your capabilities by looking into your past for something that you could not help.


Not going through the mortgage and loan route also means you are a sure-shot owner of your new property. There is no question about that and you’re not waiting for all the payments to be made and you can immediately be called the owner. There is a great deal of psychological benefit in that.

Owning your dream property in a quick transaction feels like a dream, but it can be made a reality with cash. If you are looking to invest in Accra do look at Swami India Ghana Limited – the property developers that give you the freedom to choose payment methods that suit you.


26 Feb 2018