How to own your home in 9 steps

Owning a home or a property is a big step, but it’s not a complicated one. Basically there are 9 steps that take you from not being a non-homeowner to being a homeowner. These steps will break down your humongous task of finding and buying a property into small decisions that will slowly but steadily guide you in the right direction. Relax, real estate is no rocket science!

Step one: Think about what you want to buy
We all have our needs and wants when it comes to just about anything. You may want a pool but you need the home to be close to work. Setting priorities early on in the process will help you feel less confused when you visit many properties to shortlist. So next time when you have to decide between owning a pool or having you home close to work, you won’t have to think twice.

Step two: Fix your budget
Always fix the budget before you start viewing. It will automatically put the list of potential properties into perspective. The properties that you didn’t think you could afford suddenly fall into your budget, while some more expensive ones may fall out of the list. It’s ok, because at this point being real about your financial position will only help you find your perfect home.

Step three: Shortlisting
Once you have gone through the above steps, it will be easy to shortlist a few properties. These should be according to what you want from your home and how much you can spend. If they somehow manage to fit the bill, keep them on list and arrange for the viewings.

How to own your home in 9 steps

Step four: Viewing the shortlisted property
To go and visit the few properties in person is an important step. You really get a feel of the place and you can even look at the various details. A potential leak or the fact that a place looked much bigger in the picture than what it is – these are a few discoveries you can make once you actually go there.

Step five: Make an offer
After you view the properties, you are most likely to make an offer on the one you like the most. There may or may not be a middle person involved, however, one thing is for sure they will need some sort of proof that you can finance it. Either a broker will do this for the seller, or you will have to supply documentation for it.

Step Six: Get legal involved
Once the seller accepts the offer, that’s when it is advisable to get the experts involved if you already haven’t. They will help you with all the paperwork and make sure that all dealings are legitimate.

Step Seven: Getting a conveyancer to help you
The transfer of property is also known as conveyancing. There are people who are dedicated conveyancers who will raise queries on the contract, do a local search, conduct background checks and agree on a date for signing. This is necessary so that you do not find yourself conned by a fraud.

Step eight: Mortgages
Mortgages or loans are vital to people who may not want to dig deep into their own pockets. The bank will have to be convinced that you are in a position to repay the loan and have a steady source of future income.

Step Nine: Signing the Contract
With the mortgage sorted and legal paper work done, you can be ready to sign the deal on your dream property.

At SIGL, we encourage our customers to go through these steps if they are looking to buy. An informed customer means a satisfying transaction for both, them and us.

29 Mar 2018