Living in Ghana as a Foreigner: What You Need to Know

Are you contemplating living in Ghana, the gateway to Africa but not sure where to start? This quick guide to Ghana will answer some of your questions, especially around real estate in Ghana. Ghana is a fascinating country to live in. It is rich in history and culture, has a stable democracy and a booming economy, offers unique sounds and sights, and is frankly, home away from home.

Is Ghana a safe country?

Yes, Ghana is a very safe country to live in. It is stable and has low crime rates, the people are friendly and helpful.

Living in Ghana is enjoyable
Scenes from the annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival

The People

Is Ghana a friendly country? What are Ghanaians like? Ghanaians are one of the friendliest people in the world. They are gentle, peace-loving people who’d much rather dialogue over violence.

Political Landscape

Ghana has had a stable government for the last two decades and there’s no indication that will end anytime soon. There are two dominant political parties, the NDC (National Democratic Congress) and the NPP (New Patriotic Party). While tensions may be high during election season, power transfers happen without many incidences. This has earned Ghana high marks as the bastion of democracy in Africa.


Living in Ghana is relatively safe but some criminal activity does occur. These range from petty crimes like pickpocketing, to opportunistic crime like scams to the more serious, violent crimes like burglary, and even armed robbery.

As is everywhere in the world, you’re advised to be cautious and take sensible precautions such as locking your doors, rolling up your windows when traveling at night.

For home security, standard practices such as guards, locking your doors, adopting a guard dog, installing CCTV cameras, hiring a security agency are useful. Luckily, at Solaris Luxury Apartments, you don’t have to take these extra precautions thanks to the state of the art security features that come with every unit within our luxury development.

How do I look for an apartment in Ghana?

That’s easy. You can ask your trusted friends in Ghana, or ask your embassy/consulate for help. You can also visit real estate portals like Meqasa , or expat groups such as

The best option however is to contact a trusted real estate developer like Swami India directly for better deals. Whether it’s a gated community like Paradise Estate or luxury apartments like Solaris, we’ve got something that matches your lifestyle and plans.

Is Ghana a good investment destination?

Yes, Ghana’s investment potential is at an all-time high. Ghana offers great investment opportunities for people who are looking to invest or put down roots in the country. Investment opportunities range from eCommerce which is seeing a boom, industry, agriculture, real estate, mining, oil and gas, tourism, and technology.

3D render of Solaris Apartment, a 133 unit residential apartment at Rignway Estates, Osu, Accra
Solaris Luxury Apartment, a great investment option in Ghana

This is thanks to Ghana’s political stability, growing middle-class, flourishing economy, robust tourism industry, and the rise of the oil sector. This has made Ghana an attractive investment hub for savvy investors looking for a big bang for their buck.

The real estate economy in Ghana in particular has grown to become a solid business pillar and one of the most robust industries in the country. As Ghana’s middle class continues to grow and more foreigners visit the country, players in Ghana’s real estate sector are making serious strides to accommodate the housing needs of the people.

Currently, Ghana has a housing deficit of about 1.7 million units. This has created an avenue for real estate developers such as Swami India Ghana Limited to help bridge this gap and also offers a great investment option for real estate investors to cash in on.

According to the Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC), “The residential market is the most active, registering an estimated 85 000 transactions per annum over the past decade. Commercial property is the second-largest segment in the market and includes office accommodation and retail space.”

Solaris Luxury Apartments is an upcoming residential apartment that is great for investors. Fitted with the latest amenities and located in Osu, Ghana’s most unique residential address, Solaris is primed to shave off some of this housing deficit while also providing a comfortable space for people vacationing in Ghana. The development promises great ROI for savvy investors. We wrote a separate article that covers why Ghana is a great investment destination with a focus on real estate you should check out for more information.

Go here for an overview of how to invest in real estate in Ghana.

Can a foreigner buy a house or apartment in Ghana?

Of course. Owning real estate in Ghana is not exclusive to Ghanaians. Living in Ghana opens the diaspora to many opportunities including owning property in the motherland. Foreigners can own houses, apartments, hotels, recreational centers, retail spaces, and office complexes in Ghana. This even extends to land although there are some limitations such as only being able to lease land for a period and the type of land you can own. This lease is however renewable.

To acquire property in Ghana as a foreigner, however, requires extra vigilance and the support of a local who better understands the property ownership space. It’s better to consult with and/or buy directly from a trusted real estate developer like Swami India Ghana limited who does all the paperwork to ensure your property is genuine and litigation-free.


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17 Sep 2020