Living in Osu – 5 Important Things You Should Know

Osu is one of Accra’s oldest settlements which traces its relevance way back to colonial times when the Swedes and Danes used to rule over the Gold Coast from the Osu Castle. Today, it is known for so much more than just a historic place. Osu has now become one of Accra’s sought-after neighbourhoods!

Below are four important things you need to know about Osu if you’re considering a move to this enchanting neighbourhood.




Like many wild animals that spring to life at nighttime, Osu, a suburb of Accra and close to the centre of the city, is noted for its bustling nightlife activity. As a coastal town, it is mostly frequented by foreigners who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Atlantic ocean provides. Traditionally, it was a settlement of close-knit coastal fishing communities inhabited by the Ga ethnic group. However, it has grown into a network of cosmopolitan neighbourhoods. The majority of activity in Osu is concentrated around Oxford Street, the main artery running through the heart of Osu.

Osu is also home to the Christiamborg Castle, also known as the Osu Castle. For most of the castle’s history, it has been the seat of government in Ghana but is now being renovated into a museum.


Economic Activity



The Osu Oxford Street, which is arguably the most popular street in Ghana, is active 24/7 and is home to some of Ghana’s best restaurants, bars and shops. The economic activities in Osu primarily focus on commercial, tourism, fishing, some historical sites and arts and crafts. There are restaurants that serve international cuisines and others that serve local dishes. The night market is a great place to find local street food like banku, kenkey with grilled tilapia, crabs, oysters and octopus. Fishermen from nearby communities such as Labadi and Jamestown come here to sell their catch under sheds illuminated by coloured lights and kerosene lamps.

Osu also has all major banks with 24hr ATMs available, fashion showrooms, hospitals and clinics, telecommunication offices and the Osu Mall. Due to its heavy economic activity, traffic can get very congested, especially along the main Oxford Street, making moving around in a car quite a chore. It is advisable to learn how to play smart by using the back lanes.


Real Estate in Osu


Solaris Luxury Apartment in Ghana


Due to its bubbly economic activity and nightlife, Osu has become a sought-after residential as well as commercial neighbourhood. Real estate companies in Ghana are scrambling to meet the demands of property seekers in Osu. Apartments in Osu are extremely coveted and are relatively more costly than in other places in Accra. Also, people are looking for commercial spaces to rent in Osu in order to cash in on an ever-ready market. This high demand has also led to a ridiculous increase in prices in the area. Rental prices in this neighbourhood are pretty high, due to its proximity to the business district. A single room self-contain, for example, could go for about GH¢600 per month.


Homes in Osu are mostly detached houses and low-rise apartments. Real estate developers like Swami India Ghana Limited have a reputation for building luxury apartments in Osu like the Solaris, which is a 133-unit mixed-use development comprising of 1 and 2 bedroom luxury apartments for sale. The Solaris project is equipped with world-class amenities and offers a host of unique and modern facilities. The development graces Accra’s skyline with the power of its innovative architectural design and unmatched quality. For those looking to buy an apartment or looking for apartments for rent in Ghana, Solaris is the perfect destination for all those who desire more than a home, with a privileged and elevated lifestyle.


Entertainment Capital


Bloom Bar | Image via This Is Accra


Osu is renowned as the entertainment and nightlife capital of Accra. You haven’t experienced Ghana if you haven’t at least been on the popular Oxford Street (whose proper name is in fact, Cantonments Road). Osu is home to entertainment destinations like Bloom Bar, Firefly Lounge Bar and Serallio as well as exciting concept and fashion stores like Christie Brown, The Shop Accra and Elle Lokko.




When it comes to security, some parts of Osu, towards Ako Adjei for example, is said to be less than safe at night as they are less active. Other parts, like Nyaniba Estates, are relatively safer, since they have some amount of police presence at random times and residents have a non-official neighbourhood watch. As with anywhere, it’s best to walk around in groups especially if around parts where there are fewer activities on the street.


Bonus Tip: In as much as Osu is fun and all, its residents usually complain about the shortage of water in the neighbourhood. If you’re considering moving to Osu, it is advisable to consider buying water from water trucks or other private sources and storing it for long-term use.




If you’re considering staying at Osu, you’ll be spoilt for choice as it offers amazing apartments in Ghana and developments such as the Solaris, which offers very affordable luxury properties. Osu is a great place to live and is a great alternative to other very high-end residential real estate in Ghana such as Cantonments, Airport Area and East Legon.

28 Aug 2020