Paradise Estate Gated Community at East Legon Hills

Paradise Estate is a gated community project made up of 50,214 square meters (12.41acres) land located at East Legon Hills, Katamanso. Paradise Estate features 3 different luxury residential house types, which are Type AType B and Type C.

Spread over a dozen acres of lush green parks and gardens, located in East Legon Hills, Katamanso, Swami India Ghana Limited’s Paradise Estate is what you want to come home to after a long day of work.

Paradise Estate East Legon Hills luxury villas
Row of houses at Paradise Estate located at East Legon HIlls, Katamanso


After all, you’ll be living ina beautifully designed home that is tasteful, yet practical; appreciating the thoughtfully planned out infrastructure that wipes away the worries of being a homeowner, and relishing the world-class amenities that let you follow your passions and enjoy life as you should.

With Paradise Estate, SIGL brings the best in real estate in Ghana. Contact us to find out about the flexible payment plans and how can you invest in your brand new home.


  • 12.41 acres
  • 102 plots with 3 modern housing designs
  • Plot Size: 200m2 to 600 m2
  • Turnkey Arrangement

Convenient and Modern Amenities:

  • Gated community
  • 24 x 7 Security
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Multi-purpose clubhouse
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant, café and lounge
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Pool table and table tennis room
  • Kids’ playground
  • Lush green parks with garden sit-outs
  • Jogging track
  • Community Park with garden sit-outs
  • Jogging Track
  • Trash collection
  • Estate management service and many more.

Solid and Reliable Infrastructure:

  • Magnificent entrance gate with security cabin
  • Wide access and paved roads with street lights
  • Ample guest parking
  • Covered concrete drains
  • Three-phase overhead electricity distribution system
  • Ghana Water supply distribution network
  • Peaceful and pollution-free environment

Beautiful Inside and Outside. Built over 12.41 acres, and located in the upmarket East Legon Hills area, Paradise Estate in Accra is the epitome of blissful living. With lush green gardens and parks, you get away from the chaos of the city and come home to a peaceful haven. Yet, it’s like living in a quaint little town with all the benefits of modern city amenities. Malls for some retail therapy, schools for the children, and hospitals in case of emergency – all these conveniences are located in close proximity to the Estate.

Just knowing that you are a short drive away from every important institution and facility will bring you even more inner peace than what Paradise Estate promises. Yet, the calmness that engulfs you even when you stay within the Estate does wonders to your spiritual and mental health. Being surrounded by hundreds of loving families who enjoy spending time pursuing hobbies like gardening, jogging, sports, swimming, cooking and many others creates an inspiring environment that your mind, body and soul will long to be a part of.

Ready to live in Ghana’s best-gated community? Whatsapp or call: us on +233 559 714 094 /+233 269 870 038  for your chance to live your life at Paradise Estate in East Legon Hills.

Paradise Estate Unit Types

Type A (4 Bedrooms)


These palatial villas are the grandest properties in all of Paradise Estate. Not only are they the biggest in size, but they are also the first thing you see when you enter one of the best-gated communities in Accra. The driveway is wide enough to comfortably fit two SUVs while the entrance garden makes for a quaint sit out area.

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Type B (3 Bedrooms)

Beautiful houses at east legon hills

The type B properties in Paradise Estate are medium-sized villas that come with almost all the practical amenities seen in a Type A property. There is parking space that can fit two of your cars, while the entrance verandah faces a sweet little garden that is a beautiful green facade to your new home.

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Type D (3 Bedrooms)

type d 3 bedroom luxury villa paradise estate gated community

The Type D properties in Paradise Estate are medium-sized villas that come with almost all the practical amenities as seen in a Type B property. There is parking space that can fit two of your cars, while the entrance verandah faces a sweet little garden that is a beautiful green facade to your new home.

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Video of Paradise Estate

Photos of Paradise Estate at East Legon Hills

Paradise Estate Location

The gated community housing project is located within East Legon Hills, Katamanso, near the Ghana Sweden Medical Centre.

Technical Building Specifications for Paradise Estate



Foundation was constructed using quarried laterite stone for houses with 150mm concrete floor with well-compacted backfill.



External doors are made of pre-painted metal and internal flush doors fitted with hardwood frames. Toilet doors shall be made of aluminium fitted designed obscure glass.




The superstructure is made of black stone all column foundation, ground beam, lintel beam reinforce concrete. The floor slab was made with laterite stones. The ground walls were constructed with 150mm hollow cement blocks, 150mm solid blocks for the foundation.



All windows are made of aluminium with 5mm thick glasses fitted with mosquito netting and burglar-proof metal grills.



Waterproofing materials with reasonable guarantee period were used on the washroom floors and on the exposed terrace.




Electricity at East Legon Hills is stable. We installed all the houses within Paradise Estate with all necessary light fitting including air conditioners.



The floors are tiled with porcelain tiles and the walls with ceramic tiles. We’ve also included ceramic tiles the in toilet and kitchen walls.




The walls and ceilings at Paradise estate were painted with vinyl paint.



A house without washroom facilities is not a home. All the toilets at Paradise Estate consist of WS and wash hand basins.


We used only the best imported modular kitchen cabinets and drawers with granite countertops in our luxury villas.



Our ceilings were made with gypsum.



Paradise Estate driveways are finished with beautiful, 50mm thick concrete paving blocks.



The roof structure was made with timber and our roof finishing is made of DECRA imitation sheets and similar products.



Concrete tiles around the house measure 300mm x 300mm x 25mm for the ideal walk-way. The walkway and garden at Paradise Estate are surrounded by lush green Bahama grass and different types of colorful flowers.


  • Solar water heating system
  • Inverter system for power backup
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