Investment Opportunities in Ghana

Are you looking for investment opportunities in Ghana? If so, then real estate in Ghana will prove to be an extremely lucrative proposition. In Ghana, real estate forms the fourth largest component of the services sector and commands about 5% of the total GDP. The fact that residential property is the fastest growing section of Ghana’s real estate market is due to the 1.7 million units shortfall in housing.

Residential properties in Ghana can be further subdivided into three categories:

  • Housing for people with high income- These are usually luxury residences that come with high-end infrastructure like gyms, swimming pools, etc. The prices of such housing units can be anywhere from USD 120k to 1 million.
  • Housing for people with middle-level income- Typically such housing come with supporting infrastructure that may be deemed to be adequate. Also, such units can usually be expanded as per the specifications of the buyer. The cost usually lies from anywhere between USD 50k to USD 100k.
  • Housing for people with low-income levels- This type of housing is characterised by little or no infrastructure to support it and it can cost you anywhere from USD 15k- USD 50k.
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